Coming to Terms with Your Separation Agreement

The decision to end your marriage is never an easy one. With the specialized separation agreement services from Peterson Law PLC, you will be able to handle your divorce without stress. Located in Chesapeake, Virginia, the firm offers a series of services for clients throughout the region. With our assistance, you and your estranged spouse will be able to decide how to handle your property, assets, debts, child custody, and other factors.

Do you need a separation agreement?

Contrary to popular belief, a divorce and separation differ greatly. Once a divorce is finalized and the divorce decree is issued, which can be a lengthy process, a marriage has ended.

Marriage separation agreements do not terminate a marriage. In these situations, you and your spouse are still legally married. Many couples seek separation agreements for a multitude of reasons, including the following:

  • Not been separated for length of time required by law to finalize divorce
  • There are no fault grounds for a divorce and the couple wants to divorce amicably
  • To finalize the custody, visitation and child support issues
  • To Finalize the Separation of Property & Finances before Beginning Divorce

Coming to an Agreement

How do separation agreements work? The agreements are signed contracts that. Said agreements are designed to settle issues involving child visitation, child custody, child support payments, spousal maintenance, property, debts, insurance, pension plans, and taxes.

While the previously mentioned issues are usually at the forefront of separation agreements, it is important to remember that all agreements are unique, and can address other problems, like custody of pets and future disputes. We believe that separation agreements are necessary when:

  • You & Your Spouse Have decided to divorce & Need to Divide Your Property & Assets amongst Each Other
  • You and your spouse have decided to divorce and agree on custody, visitation and/ or child care
  • You and your spouse have agreed to all terms of the divorce (Contract of all terms) and intend to pursue an uncontested divorce.

Separation Agreements vs. Premarital Agreements

Many individuals confuse Separation agreements with premarital agreements, or pre-nuptial agreements which is incorrect. A premarital agreement, a contract that is used to govern the couple during and after marriage, is created prior to and signed before the wedding. Typically, these agreements are used to protect one spouse, who has a significant amount of money or assets, from a loss should a divorce occur.

Essentially, separation agreements are postmarital agreements, which are signed in the event of a Separation or divorce. This agreement is a legally binding contract that lays out the terms of the separation and/or divorce. For these situations, it is vital to turn to an experienced attorney in the field of divorce law  to provide you with the right guidance.

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